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Bigchain DB App Development

Big chain DB is a type of digital database that incorporates some blockchain characteristics and functionalities. It has decentralisation, immutability, and owner-controlled assets, as well as database features including rapid transactions, low latency, and queryable data. It assures that the system continues to function even if up to a third of the nodes fail in some fashion with Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT). For a variety of use cases, BigchainDB 2.0 provides a manufacturing infrastructure

Because it incorporates some blockchain elements and database qualities, BigchainDB is referred to as a blockchain database.

  • 01.Byzantine Fault Tolerant and Complete Decentralization - Tendermint is used by BigchainDB in terms of networking and consensus. The Tender mint protocols establish communication between the nodes, and each node in the network has its own private MongoDB database. Tender mint is BFT, so this makes the system BFT. As a result, even if a malicious node manages to gain admin access to one of the local MongoDB databases, the databases on the other nodes will be unaffected.
  • 02.Assets under the control of the owner- BigchainDB, like other blockchain technologies, allows for owner-controlled assets. It means that only the person who owns an asset can transfer it to others; node operators are not allowed to do so. There is just one built-in asset in other blockchains, such as a digital asset or cryptocurrency. BigchainDB, on the other hand, allows external users to build many assets. They can't, however, create assets that have already been made.
  • 03.Transactions that are completed quickly - BigchainDB's ability to process several transactions per second is one of its most notable characteristics. The ability to process a large number of transactions per second has always been one of BigchainDB's architectural goals. Because it is based on Tendermint, examining previous Tenedermint-based networks can give us an indication of what to expect.
  • 04.Immutability - Another notable characteristic of BigchainDB 2.0 is that once data is stored in its database, it cannot be changed or erased. Or, even if someone succeeds to corrupt it, it will be extremely difficult to achieve. Furthermore, if somebody attempts to change or wipe any data, it will be detectable. As a result, the data storage in the BigchainDB network can be described as "practically immutable." The design of BigchainDB incorporates a number of ways to make data storage virtually irreversible.
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