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Google-analytics :

Google analytics agency. Codexxa is leading Web and google analytics support Consulting Service Provider in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and more. Google Analytic has become the most used web analytics services on the net. It is a freemium web analytics agency that provided by Google that tracks and reports site visitors, currently as a stage within the Google advertising Platform Brand. Google Analytics also provides the advanced features, including custom visitor's segmentation. It can track sales activity and functionality.

They are conducted with the help of software like Google Analytics, Omniture, and Heatmaps etc.. Our web analytics solutions are:

Google Analytic Account Setup: While implementing the Google account configurations we provide solutions & services for good setup and implementation of Google Analytics account. Our expert digital advertising group consults and discusses with you your whole company, its own requirements, and goals. We make certain your account is configured flawlessly and can handle KPIs and goals.

Insight, Analysis & Reporting: We look at each aspect and track down every information and report created then includes the loss, gain action required and much more, providing an insight report of past and prospective traffic in an organized way.

Google Analytics Consultancy: We provide you the functionality data and make you confident about your business digital advertising. With the constant timely report and analysis monitoring, we maintain your data lucrative in the best affordable way. Our Google Analytics Team track and gather ROI (sales, leads, content intake or whatever your particular goal that may need to be monitored ) Codexxa primary purpose is to add more context and significance to your analytics data.

Why Choose Us:

We know that, your needs are extremely important for all of us. Selecting our Web Analytics Services in Pune & Mumbai can reevaluate your existing business (regardless of it is running in profit or loss). Our Web Analytics Services will enable you to get to the root cause.

  • Competitive and Affordable Pricing
  • Important trends are emphasized instantly
  • Get logical voice and clear couture is given to the information
  • Make Smarter, Fast, Confident and Informative decision
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