Jewellery Software: Grow Your Business with Speed

Jewellery Software by Codexxa is a GST ready inventory & accounting software that helps you ensure high profits in your Jewellery Business. Modern jewellery showroom management, Barcode & RFID Billing, smart Inventory & reporting features, automatic Auto-Bank Reconciliation & much more.

Digital Collection wala Inventory & Accounting Software

Features at Glance


Barcode & RFID wise Billing

Speed up Billing process by directly scanning barcode & RFID code & increase your sales by 40% with easy GST Billing

inventory management

Stock Management

Manage Stock with product Catalogue- images, carat, weight, item code, purity, stock summary, stock valuation etc.


Customer Jewellery Insurance

Provide insured jewellery to your customers. Jewellery insurance brought to you by O-Locker- Leading Insurance company.

shopping cart

Customer Order Management

Manage your customers’ order, outstanding, billing etc. all at one place. Send automatic reminders to customers via SMS/ Email.


Bills, O/s on Whatsapp

Send Invoices, Outstandings, Stock and Sale Analysis etc. & various reports to customers directly on WhatsApp through Codexxa ERP Software.


Karigar Management

Simplifying complex Karigar accounts & register to issue raw materials. Get Receipt of finished goods & Check outstanding balances.


Girvi / Mortgage

Maintain daily Money lending transactions by item photo, customer photo, area wise reports, balance sheet, stock report, customer notice etc.

repair tools

Repairing Process

Easily Receive, Generate & Issue Replacement Entry. Maintain records, details, stock & date wise reports


Chit Funds & Kitty Management

Keep a track of the Chit Funds, Kitty & small schemes. Makes reports easily, Check outstandings, payment dates, customer details etc.


Weighing Scale Attachment

Pick the quantity automatically with one click from the weighing machine while billing at the counter. No need to enter manually, reduce the chances of errors


Bhav Cutting

Effortlessly pay through metal. Manage Ledger accounts with metal balance along with Cash balance & receive payments accordingly


Loyalty Point System

Stay connected & encourage customers to continue shopping with you by giving Loyalty Points, Privilege cards that can be redeemed on next purchase.

Know more about Codexxa ERP

garment features
  • ♦  Manage Jewellery Stock according to weight/set/Design wise.
  • ♦  Manage Karigar account, repairing stock and order stock.
  • ♦  Making charge, wastage, costing Maintain purity wise.
  • ♦  modernized Showroom Management
  • ♦  Reduce Time to stock Tally
  • ♦  Easy & Fast billing with Accuracy
  • ♦  Negative Stock Billing Facility
  • ♦  Effective Purchase management to reduce costing
  • ♦  Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
  • ♦  Integrated Accounting "PAPERLESS SHOP"
  • ♦Adjustment of old Gold, Advance, metal and Replacement
  • ♦Ornament images on sale bill and stock as well
  • ♦ We can maintain diamond/stone/making rate and wastage of our regular customer
  • ♦Customer Data base maintain
  • ♦Easy & Fast Billing with minimum Enter Required
  • ♦Barcode/Item Code/Item Name wise Search
  • ♦Cash, Credit, Panel wise Bill / Approval
  • ♦Attract Customers i.e., Card/Point System
  • ♦Various type of Discounts & Schemes
  • ♦Flexibility in Stock for Govt. Employees Bills
  • ♦Multiple Series & Wholesale Billing Option
  • ♦Multiple Customers Billing at same time on single PC
  • ♦Switch over from Sale to Purc. to Sale to anywhere
  • ♦Family Group Option for Credit Sales
  • ♦Credit Card Sales & Online Bank Status
  • ♦Online Shortage for Unmaintained Stock
  • ♦Customer Anniversary, Birthday, Image Records
  • ♦Kitty and Girvi Records and Reports
  • ♦Karigar, Approval, Sale Order, Repair, Sales and Purchase Reports
  • ♦Day wise Gold and Silver rate record
  • ♦Last purchase deals of item at the time of Ordering/Billing
  • ♦Order through E-Mail/Fax/CD/Print Media
  • ♦Maintain BHAV(metal to metal, metal to rupees) and adjust advance amount
  • ♦Auto purchase load from Order/Email/CD
  • ♦Purchase as per Supplier Invoice
  • ♦Display Last 4 Deals of Selected item to cross check Rate, Deal, Disc., Tax & Cost
  • ♦Cash/Credit Purchase
  • ♦Supplier wise various outstanding reports & reminders
  • ♦Pending Dr/Cr & Replacement Notes
  • ♦Stock adjustment add for without purchase
  • ♦Easy option for Management to Cross Check Bills
  • ♦Sales option at the time of Purchase
  • ♦Item not received in purchase can be shift to Pending Order
  • ♦Accounting more easy than Tally
  • ♦Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet
  • ♦Online Accounting with Zooming Facility
  • ♦Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L on Tips
  • ♦Cash and Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • ♦Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
  • ♦Bill Wise Suppliers Outstanding & Bank Summary
  • ♦GST Returns, Sales Tax Registers & Summaries
  • ♦Columnar Register/Ledger Printing
  • ♦Multi Ledger/Voucher/Dr/Cr Note printing
  • ♦Merge Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L for Pharmacy Chain Stores
  • ♦Cheque & Voucher Printing
  • ♦IT-ST Auditor Reports
  • ♦Gross Profit reports on Day/Month/Item/Company/Bill & Supplier wise with zooming up to Bill
  • ♦ABC Analysis, Fast & Slow Moving Items
  • ♦Purchase, Sales & Stock Analysis
  • ♦Suppliers wise Stocks & Valuation
  • ♦Bill not Printed/No. of Prints/Modification Track
  • ♦Operator wise Log Book, Cash Collection & Sales Reports
  • ♦Supplier Wise Companies List & Best Supplier Planning
  • ♦Adjust Margins of Bills for personal sales
  • ♦Pending Challans & Single Bill for Counter Sales
  • ♦Product/Suppliers & Customer Queries

Why do businesses choose Codexxa® ERP
to manage Jewellery business?

GST Compliant

We send GST compliant invoices, generate financial reports, do tax calculations, and help you file your GST returns without any hassles.

gst compliant
easy implementation

Easy Implementation

Download Codexxa® ERP and start billing in minutes or fill below form, and start managing your inventory accounts immediately. Our 850+ local centres will help you in implementation no matters where you are. Our 1000+ tutorial videos, updated manual and a team of 250+ customer care executives are read to make your implementation success.


Codexxa® ERP is trade specialised solution, automates your business workflows as per your need with own beautiful invoices, with our 2500+ software configuration lets you build layers of functionality to support the most unique business models.



Codexxa® ERP allows you to collaborate with your supplier, You can send orders to you supplier, get invoices from our server and colleagues without additional user fees.

Customer - Driven Features of Codexxa

Codexxa assists every businessman with its impressive features which gives him 100% control over his business with flexibility, self-customization options and time to time innovation & advancements.

hiddenKey feature
business booster

Business Booster

Codexxa business boosters can reward your business in endless ways and gives your business an advantage to stay on top; above the competition in the market. Improve the performance of your business by taking the maximum benefit out of Codexxa business boosters.

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